The communication delay is less than one-tenth of other technologies, Shanghai Orange Group Microelectronics releases SMULL-based system-level single-chip

Shanghai Orange Group Microelectronics Co., Ltd. recently released the IN618 system-on-a-chip based on its proprietary SMULL (Synchronized Multi-node Ultra Low-Latency) technology.

The company plans to launch IN618 chip samples and demonstration kits based on SMULL technology to the market in June 2020. The chip is packaged in QFN48 (6mmx6mm). It is expected that the IN618 chip will be mass-produced and commercialized in the fourth quarter of 2020.

It is reported that, compared with traditional local wireless connection technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc., the communication delay of SMULL technology between multiple local nodes is less than one-tenth of other technologies. It fundamentally solves the high-latency communication (non-real-time) and over-the-air packet collision problems between local nodes in traditional wireless technologies.

The launch of the IN618 SoC based on SMULL technology allows developers to quickly experience the low-latency performance brought by SMULL technology to their wireless applications, and can stimulate developers’ creativity in product definition and develop various wireless Low-latency scene application.

In addition to the built-in innovative SMULL low-latency communication engine, the IN618 chip also integrates an ultra-low power 2.4Ghz RF transceiver, a modem, and an on-chip power management unit; the chip also integrates floating-point arithmetic processing with a main frequency of up to 64Mhz The unit’s high-performance Arm Cortex-M4F microprocessor and subsystem, including 256KB ROM, 512KB Flash Memory and up to 96KB SRAM, also integrates a wealth of peripherals such as UART, SPI, I2S, PDM, I2C, PWM and key mouse controller, etc. Developers can take advantage of all the resources provided by this SoC platform to develop their native low-latency wireless applications without the burden of adding additional microcontrollers and memory to design the system.

IN618 chip performance features: SMULL low-latency engine, a single network supports up to 128 sub-nodes; high-performance 64MHz ARM Cortex-M4F CPU; 2.4GHz RF transceiver; high-throughput PHY, 2Mbps; built-in audio compression and decompression processing engine; built-in SDM (Sigma Delta Modulation) Direct audio output engine; built-in safe start engine; built-in DC-DC, wide-range voltage input 1.8V~3.6V; ultra-low power consumption design, suitable for battery-powered system applications.

Wu Qun, co-founder and CEO of Shanghai Orange Group Microelectronics Co., Ltd., said, “Today we officially released the first-generation SoC product IN618 based on innovative multi-point low-latency SMULL technology. We will actively cooperate with wireless application developers, relying on The low latency performance provided by the IN618 chip SMULL technology and the design convenience brought by the high integration of the chip will provide the market with innovative and competitive wireless products and services as soon as possible.”

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