IT-M3600 regenerative source-loaded system won the European Electronics Industry Awards 2020 “Power Product of the Year” award

The ITECH IT-M3600 regenerative source-loaded system won the “Power Product of the Year” award for the power Electronic product of the year with high gold content at the Electronics Industry Awards 2020. The award is Europe’s most prestigious electronics industry award, and since its inception, the event has been a highlight in the industry, bringing together leading figures from the electronics field to celebrate their achievements and recognize market pioneers in the electronics industry. There are many world-renowned companies in the power electronics industry in this year’s list of winners, such as R&S’s network analyzer (Analytical Instrument of the Year Award), well-known chip manufacturer AD’s IMU chip (Annual Automotive Electronics Solution Award), semiconductor company Lattice (Annual Embedded Solution Product Award), Samsung Electronics (Manufacturing of the Year Award), Phoenix (Enclosure Product of the Year Award) and more.

IT-M3600 regenerative source-loaded system won the European Electronics Industry Awards 2020 “Power Product of the Year” award

In this year’s “Power Product of the Year” award, only 5 products were shortlisted. ITECH IT-M3600 is the only award-winning power electronic power supply product in the world.

ITECH is an equipment manufacturer specializing in precision testing and measuring instruments, always guided by “customer needs”, with the mission of creating a green, energy-saving and sustainable future for the next generation, and is committed to related industries with “power electronics” products as the core Research on test solutions to provide industry customers with various types of competitive test solutions. ITECH’s award this time is an IT-M3600 series bidirectional regenerative DC power supply + pure electronic load integrated product. It adopts cutting-edge technology and integrates the inspiration and innovation of engineers. The maximum power in 1/2 1U volume is 800W , the volume is reduced by nearly 50% compared with the traditional design; it is also a pioneering design product, which can switch the source or load mode with one button. It is not only a two-way power supply, but also a feedback electronic load. At present, enterprises have multiple requirements for test equipment, which greatly saves the high cost of separate procurement of source and load. The IT-M3600 series is committed to solving the problem of “testing efficiency and performance” in the market. It has the function of energy recovery, which can recover electric energy and feed it back to the power grid. The conversion efficiency can reach up to 90%, which greatly reduces the cost of electricity for users. At the same time, it avoids the use of a large number of refrigeration equipment, reduces noise, and effectively responds to the national sustainable development strategy and the requirements of green energy conservation and environmental protection.

IT-M3600 has high-precision output and measurement, and continues ITECH’s CC/CV priority concept, helping users to solve a variety of severe problems in long-term testing, enabling high-speed power or no overshoot applications. become more flexible. IT-M3600 is suitable for multi-module batteries in the battery industry, multi-channel power supplies in the power supply industry, micro-inverters in the photovoltaic industry, and power semiconductor industries, such as SIC semiconductors, IGBTs and other testing fields.

The British Electronics Industry Awards Electronics Industry Awards is an authoritative award specially set up to reward outstanding people, products and companies in the global electronics industry. ITECH is honored to win the “Power Product of the Year” award for the first time. This is a recognition of ITECH’s cutting-edge technology and outstanding products. It is also a testament to the innovation of ITECH people who have always been at the forefront of power electronics testing technology. Positive affirmation. ITECH will make persistent efforts to launch more high-quality, high-efficiency and high-precision test products and solutions to contribute to the future of energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development.For more information, please visit the ITECH official websitewww.itechate.comor you can directly search “ITECH Electronics” official website to get more product application information.

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